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Plastic Credits

In an era where plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental challenges, MarillionEx introduces a groundbreaking approach to combat this crisis: Plastic Credits. This innovative concept allows businesses and organizations to play an active role in reducing plastic waste, moving towards a more sustainable and plastic-neutral future.

What are Plastic Credits?

Plastic credits are a transformative tool that quantifies and acknowledges the efforts of businesses and organizations in reducing plastic pollution. Similar to carbon credits, these credits allow businesses to offset their plastic footprint, creating a balance between the plastic they use and the amount being reclaimed and recycled.

How Do Plastic Credits Work?

MarillionEx’s Plastic Credits system involves:

What are Plastic Credits?

The Benefits of Investing in Plastic Credits

By purchasing plastic credits, businesses can:

Plastic Credits in Action

From a food and beverage company offsetting its plastic packaging to a tech firm managing the plastic in its products and packaging, plastic credits offer diverse applications across industries.

Our Global Impact

MarillionEx partners with global projects in Indonesia, Africa, Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines, focusing on plastic waste collection and recycling. Our commitment aligns with the New Plastic Economy Principles, promoting the elimination, innovation, and circulation of plastics.

Plastic credits in action

Become a Plastic Neutral Business with MarillionEx

Join us in this vital initiative. With MarillionEx, transform your business practices, contribute to a more sustainable world, and journey towards becoming a Plastic Neutral Business.