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Unleashing the Power of Biochar Credits for a Sustainable Future

Marillion Ex introduces a groundbreaking opportunity to finance biochar production and be at the forefront of the biochar revolution. Our Biochar Pre-Credits program offers a unique approach to funding biochar projects upfront by leveraging the sale of carbon removal rights.

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Biochar credits

At Marillion, we offer an exciting investment opportunity in the production of biochar, a sustainable and carbon-enhancing product derived from the conversion of savanna scrub from the neglected ranch which Marillion recently acquired. By investing in this innovative project, you contribute to carbon sequestration, land restoration, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Biochar Production Process

Benefits of Biochar Investment

Investment Process

Select Your Investment

Choose the desired investment amount based on the number of hectares you wish to invest in for biochar production from regenerative agriculture practices on the Marillion's Ranch .Investments are sold in units of 10 hectares.

Land Allocation

Your investment will be allocated to specific land areas where bio chard production using traditional methods will be implemented. Each investment contributes to the restoration and improvement of the allocated land, biochar production and carbon sequestration.

Professional Management

Our experienced team of specialists will oversee the implementation and ongoing management of the projects. This includes soil regeneration, biodiversity enhancement, water management, community development and poverty alleviation

Investment Returns

As the biochar projects progress, investors can benefit from the potential returns generated through:
- Carbon Credits
- Bio-Char organic fertiliser sales from the waste produced from charcoal production
- Water credits from reduced run off and efficient irrigation systems
- Community credits from community up-liftment , poverty reduction

Investment Details

  • Investment Volume: Investors can participate by funding the production of biochar from as little as one hectare of savanna scrub, equivalent to approximately 30 tons of wood which converts to approximately 5 tons of biochar.
  • Returns: Over the course of 30 years, each ton of biochar produced sequesters 3 tons of carbon per year from the atmosphere. As an investor, you will receive returns based on the sale of the biochar produced and the corresponding carbon credits generated over a 30 year period.
  • Carbon Credits: The biochar produced will be eligible for carbon credits, which can be sold through the Marillion.
  • Diamond Standard Carbon Exchange: These credits represent the environmental impact and carbon sequestration achieved through the biochar investment.

BioChar Investment Annual Returns

Ha’sS/UnitBio-Char /TCO2/yr12345678910
Year11121314151617181920Total Gross

Embrace the future of sustainability and profitability with biochar investments. Join us at Marillion Exchange in making a positive impact on our planet while securing your financial future.