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About Tobacco Leaves

Types, styles, production, processing

About Tobacco Leaf

Tobacco leaves go through several stages before they become the raw unmanufactured tobacco that we recognise.

Growing: Tobacco starts life in a seedbed, and later is transferred to the field by the farmer where they grow for 4 – 5 months.
Harvesting: when the leaves are ready the farmer will harvest the leaf from the plant, normally a few leaves at a time when they have become ripe.
Curing: Flue-curing, fire-curing, air-curing, and sun-curing. These are all ways to dry out the leaf from a green leaf. The harvested leaves will change colour from green to yellow, orange, or mahogany.
Grading: Separating the leaves by size, colour, and quality.
Removing the Stem: Leaves may be stripped, or threshed to remove the lamina from the stem.

Tobacco Leaves